Fusion Mega Spider Pegs 4″ & 5″

Fusion Mega Spider Pegs

Haro Fusion Mega Spider pegs were released some time in the late 2000s and had minor improvements over the late 90s Haro Fusion Mega 4″ pegs. I believe they were alloy pegs geared towards street, vert, and park riders. There’s two versions of these pegs when it comes to length. The first is the Fusion Mega Spider 4” which is really 4 1/4” and the Fusion Mega Spider 5”. I’ll have a gallery for both versions down below. There’s a later 2002+ version that are exactly the same just with a different logo. Both the front and the rear pegs do not differ from one another.

All Fusion Mega Spider, SpiderLite, SpiderTi, and SpiderSmooth pegs are made with a 4-cross insert for the Anti-turn System adapters that come with each peg. It’s to keep your peg from rotating while grinding and loosening the rim. These pegs are similar to the late 90s Fusion pegs that came before them. The only difference the 90s Fusion pegs used a screw that was screwed into the peg to keep it from slipping.

As always all these parts were most likely made in the Taiwan factory where the Haro frames were constructed.


Mega 4″ Chrome

Mega 4″ Spider Black

Mega 5″ Spider Chrome

Mega 5″ Spider Black


There’s only one sticker that I know of and the later 2002+ pegs had the logo painted on.

Fusion printed on a foil sticker that wraps around the peg.

The second logo say Haro Bikes in gold twice around the peg.


AVAILABLE SIZES: 4 1/4″ (110mm) and 5″ (130mm)
AVAILABLE COLORS: Silver, Black, and Ti
14mm or 3/8″ with inserts
RELEASED: 2000 / 2001
4 1/4″ (110mm) and 5″ (130mm)
DIAMETER: 1 1/2″ / 3.81cm
WEIGHT (1 peg): TBA
4-Cross insert for Anti-turn System

Fits Haro Spider Chain-Tensioner

Mega 4 Inch

Mega 5 inch

Peg Ad