Haro Serial Numbers

The Haro Serial number page will help you decode, or try to figure out the model of your Haro bike. The serial numbers change from the 90s, 2000, and so on. This will attempt to help you understand the 2000s serial numbers a bit better. Each serial number is made up of nine digits. Within those nine, the first four, or five, contains a model abbreviation, year, and month.


Example BPG0G0017

BP = Backtrail Pro 

The 0 After The G = 2000

Example MBG0C0284

MB = Mirra Pro / Blammo / Flair

The 0 After The G = 2000

Example MPS2I05389

MP = Mirra Pro S351

The 2 After The S = 2002

Example MAJ1E3458

MA = Mirra 540 Air

The 1 After The J = 2001


On some models the year part of the serial number interchanges from month/year to year/month. As an example you could possibly have 2 of the same exact bikes such as a 2003 Function 3 (F3) with one of the serial numbers could read F3W3 while the other reads F33W. There is no difference, they are the same year, same model just an anomaly seen in the later serial numbers.

There’s quite a few anomalies that I’ve seen on these bikes, but the main thing I use along with all this info is the color of the frame. The serial number obviously tells you what it really is, the stickers lets you know what it was sold as, and to confirm it the color. 

Reused Frames

Another thing I noticed some frames that were left over from the end of year prior were used the next year. For example there’s a 1999 Mirra Pro the has a serial number KH8 which is a 1998 Blammo. The Mirra Pro isn’t repainted, it’s all original, so it must have came out the factory like that.

One more example is a 2003 Nyquist Backtrail X4 I had. the serial number read BPS2H1254. This 2003 X4 is actually a 2002 Backtrail X Pro labeled as a X4 from the factory. It wasn’t white, or translucent blue, as any 2002 Pro it was raw clear coated. Most likely it was left over and reused the next year.

Shared Serial Numbers

First off, when I say shared serial numbers what I mean by shared is the first four characters not the whole nine digit number. Some models shared the first four characters of the serial which some times is confusing for people if the bike doesn’t have stickers. For example I came across a black frame being sold as a Mirra Pro and the serial starts with MBG0. You can tell that it’s a 2000. By now you have to know it’s a Pro frame (MBG), technically, but what colors did the Mirra Pro frames have for 2000? White and candy red not black. It could be a Blammo as they came green and black. The Flair came in anno blue and black. Now the next step is the parts. The Blammo had Kneesaver 2s while the Flair had Kneesaver 2k bars. Now that’s how I figured out it was a 2000 Mirra Flair. The MBG0 serial, for the year 2000, was shared between the Blammo, Mirra Pro, and Mirra Flair. The only difference is the colors and the parts.


Do your research and once again the serial numbers let you know what the frame really is, the stickers tell you what it was sold as. Once you figure out the colors and use the serial number table it’ll be easy to identify. 

1995 - 1999

2000 - 2006