Kneesaver 2 Handlebars

Kneesaver 2 Handlebar

The Kneesaver 2 handlebars were designed with strength and durability in mind. There were 2 different models of Kneesaver 2 bars made. The first model came out in 1996 – 1998 which you can tell by the knurled crossbar. The second design came out in 1999 and didn’t have the knurled crossbar. As for where these bars were made it’s possible they made in the Taiwan factory where the Haro frames were constructed

The end caps were open, the bottom bar on each end has the Haro chevrons stamped, and they had a sticker on the right front side of the bars. On the left side you’ll see 4130 CRMO stamped (not all of the bars I’ve seen had the stamp but they still are). On most these bars they had the sticker that came in the decal set that goes with the bike they were mounted on. If they did the sticker(s) might be located in a different place. From what I’ve seen there’s one sticker for these bars. 





There’s only one sticker that I know of that’s not part of a complete decal set that come on the aftermarket bars.

It looks like the Life Saver candy logo, but says Haro Bike twice around Kneesaver. The color behind the word Kneesaver are red, green, orange, and yellow.


RISE: 8″
WIDTH: 72.39cm / 28 1/2″
USAGE: Hardcore Freestyle or Street
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Crmo .010″ / 2.3mm” thick
SIZE: Oversized 1 1/8″ Diameter tapers to 7/8″ for grips/levers
Low Crossbar

Used by Dave Mirra

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