Dave Mirra Pro Series Bars

Dave Mirra Pro Series

Dave Mirra Pro Series Bars

Certainly, the Dave Mirra Pro Series bars were some of the most iconic handles Haro offered for their mid school bike. Notablely, these bars a continuation of the Kneesaver 2 design, but these were designed by Dave Mirra. In fact, they had minor differences such as length and upsweep. Similarly, these two bars look alike and appear to be the same, but ultimately they aren’t. As for where these bars were made it’s possible they were made in the Taiwan factory where the Haro frames were constructed.

Real Dave Mirra Pro Series Bars?

Firstly, these handlebars had no knurling on the crossbar whereas the early Kneesaver 2’s did. Next, the end caps were open and they had a sticker on the right front side of the bars. On the other hand, some black 99 Mirra Pros had the sticker on the right side of the handlebars not on the front. In addition, the bottom bar on each end has the Haro chevrons stamped and on the left side you’ll see 4130 CRMO stamped. Moreover, from what I’ve seen, there’s three different variations of these bars and the Mirra Pro sticker that comes on them. 

Kneesaver 2 vs MP Bars?

To conclude, most people confuse the Kneesaver 2s with the the Dave Mirra Pro Series bars. Just to clarify, you can tell the difference by the cross bar. If it looks to be closer to the top those are Mirra Pro Bars. Lastly, these handlebars are not as rare as some of the other Haro parts I’ve posted, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for them if you’re looking for a set.



Gloss Black

Flat / Matte Black


There’s a few different sticker color variations that I know of. I’ll list them below.

Clear, black writing with gold outline

some black, clear, gold writing with gold outline

white writing with white outline on clear (Pro Series in a Teal color)


RISE: 8″
WIDTH: 62.48cm / 24.6″
USAGE: Freestyle or Street
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Crmo .010″ / 2.3mm” thick
SIZE: Oversized 1 1/8″ Diameter tapers to 7/8″ for grips/levers

Designed by Dave Mirra


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