2003 Nyquist Backtrail X Pro Taiwan Aftermarket

2003 Nyquist Backtrail X, Pro

2003 Nyquist backtrail X Pro Taiwan Aftermarket

Similarly to the 2004 Mirra S351 Pro Taiwan Aftermarket frame there’s not much information on the 2003 Nyquist Backtrail X Pro S351 Taiwan Aftermarket frame. However, I was actually able to find not one, but four of these frames all in the same place. Here’s the kicker though, this was around the time the news about the CIC serial frames being Taiwan, and not USA made, was just making its way through the internet. Nevertheless, when I seen the frame I was thinking it was USA made, but I jumped the gun and bought all of them. Once they arrive at my house from Canada first thing I noticed was the big letters that said MADE IN TAIWAN. I’ve only seen one other 04 in wild and to top it off it’s the SG Black with the Euro BB, so it’s still something special.

For 2003 Haro released four versions of the Nyquist Backtrail X Pro and two of those were the aftermarket frame which was sold as a frame only. Of course you can buy the complete bike as well the only difference between those were the color and none of the completes had a Euro BB. The difference between the two aftermarket frames are the bottom brackets: one has an American BB and the other has a Euro BB.

What’s the difference?

Theres’ a couple ways to distinguish the Taiwan Aftermarket and the Tai complete bikes. Lets start with the Tai aftermarket frames they are either SG Black with a Euro BB, or Translucent Blue with an American BB. On the other hand, the Tai complete bikes those were offered in Chrome or SG Black, but this black will have a American BB. I actually owned a SG Black 03 complete bike, but it didn’t have a serial number. (Long story short the guys dad worked for Haro and they gave it to him.) So just by looking at them you can definitely tell which is aftermarket and which is not. This Taiwan aftermarket frame has CIC stamped in the on the BB underneith.

Found a 2003 Nyquist Backtrail X Pro?

So how do you know you have, or found, an aftermarket 03 Nyquist Backtrail X Pro frame? Firstly, it has a Haro aluminum badge (2003+ MP and BP Taiwan aftermarket frames came with a badge.) Secondly, and most important, the dropouts don’t have any stamping or a H0XXXX serial number on the right dropout like the USA made frames. Their serial number is under the bottom bracket which starts with CIC. Furthermore, there are no 4130 CRMO stampings on the dropouts either. In addition, another hint is the 2003 frames have weeping holes in the tubes. I’ll do a write up on all the USA made frame indicators a bit later.

In conclusion, some Haro collectors love the Nyquist Backtrail X Pro, but for some reason I’ve never heard anyone talk about this frame as most do with the 2000 or 2001. If you’re looking for one they do exist and they’re still out there.


Translucent Blue

SG Black


There’s only one set of stickers for these frames Taiwan aftermarket frames.

White writing with black shadow and gray outline


Euro or American
WEIGHT: 6.3 lbs
DROPOUTS: 5mm Laser cut Heat-Treated Crmo
REAR WHEEL BASE: 14-1/4″ (362mm)
COMPLETE WHEEL BASE: 36.4′ (924mm)
20.6″ / O.D. 1.5″x0.035″ Thick
CHAINSTAYS: 7/8″x0.049″, Seatstays 7/8″x0.039″
DOWN TUBE: Double-Butted 1-3/4″x0.047 / 0.039 / 0.047″
USAGE: Street, Vert, Dirt, or Park
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Crmo
FEATURES: Reinforced Lighter Head tube and Lighter Weld on Rotor Stop,


Designed by Ryan Nyquist

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