2003 Dave Mirra Pro S351 Taiwan Aftermarket

2003 Dave Mirra Pro S351 Taiwan Aftermarket

2003 Dave Mirra S351 Pro Taiwan Aftermarket

The 2003 Dave Mirra Pro S351 Taiwan Aftermarket frame had a bunch of people stumped including myself thinking it was a USA made frame for a long while. However, it turned out there’s mainly Tai’s in the wild. Regardless, I did manage to find two that I know are actual USA made frames. Initially, it all stemmed from the serial number on these frames which starts with “CIC” and links back to a Taiwan company that makes bike frames. By the way, another Haro collector discovered the “CIC” serial number linking back to the Tai factory around 2018 not me.

2003 Dave Mirra Pro Frames

For the year 2003 Haro released five different versions of the S351 frame which you can buy as a frame only. They all had minor differences from one another aside the fact that there was two 2003 USA made frames and three Taiwan aftermarket frames. To put it briefly, I’m going to keep the Taiwan aftermarket and USA made frames separate. So, I’ll be going over the Taiwan aftermarket frames only.

S351 Differences

The only differences I’ve found these three aftermarket frames to have is the color: it’s either SG Matte Gray or Putty. The third frame is the one that sets itself apart by having a Euro BB. The Euro BB 2003 Dave Mirra Pro S351 Aftermarket Taiwan frame only came is Putty not SG Gray.

There was an option to buy the complete bike as well which the frame was a bit different in length when sized up and break mount placement. One way to tell the difference between the Taiwan aftermarket frame apart from the Taiwan complete bike is where the 990 mounts are placed. The aftermarket frames came with the 990 mounts on the seatstays. Where as the Taiwan complete frames had the 990s welded to the chainstays (so did the 03 USA made frame, but that for a another post.)

Found a 2003 Mirra Pro?

So how do you know you have, or found, an aftermarket S351 frame? Firstly, it has a Haro aluminum badge (2003+ MP Taiwan aftermarket frames came with a badge.) Secondly, and most important, the dropouts don’t have any stamping or a H0XXXX serial number on the right dropout like the USA made frames. So, their serial number is under the bottom bracket which starts with CIC and has Mirra stamped in next to it. In addition, there are no 4130 CRMO stampings on the dropouts either. Moreover, another hint is the 2003 frames have weeping holes in the tubes the USA doesn’t. I’ll do a write up on all the Taiwan aftermarket frame indicators a bit later.

To Sum it Up

In conclusion, some collectors would consider this a grail frame too, but it all depends on the persons preference. The S351 is still to this day a highly sought after frame for Mirra fans all across the globe. Lastly, they do exist and they’re still out there. The last 03 S351 I seen being sold was in 2018, so there’s still a chance you could come across one.


Matte SG Gray

Matte Putty

Euro BB Matte Putty


There’s only one set of stickers for these frames Taiwan aftermarket frames.

Clear writing with gray outline Mirra Pro in gray


WEIGHT: 6.3 lbs
DROPOUTS: 5mm Laser cut Heat-Treated Crmo
REAR WHEEL BASE: 14 1/4″ (362mm)
COMPLETE WHEEL BASE: 36.4′ (924mm)
20.5″ / O.D. 1.5″x0.035″ Thick
CHAINSTAYS: 7/8″x0.049, Seatstays 7/8″x0.039
DOWN TUBE: Double-Butted 1-3/4″x0.047 / 0.039 / 0.047″
Double-Butted O.D. 1.5′ for a 1″ seat post
RETAIL PRICE: $199 – $330
USAGE: Street, Vert, or Park
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Crmo
FEATURES: 990 Mounts on seat stays, Reinforced Lighter Head tube, Lighter Weld on Rotor Stop,


Designed by Dave Mirra


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